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About the workshop "The first 40 days and beyond"

“Very useful workshop. a lot of good and new information. What I liked most was the personal treatment,

providing personalised answers, 5/5. Strongly recommended"

— Ana C., first time mum

“Yes, the workshop was useful and full of interesting information. 5/5.

 I liked that we talked about mums needs and how dads can help" 
— Sam T., first time dad

5/5, Very useful workshop, covered a lot of different aspects of after care of birth. It was interactive, fun and good for sharing ideas and opinions as a group. Interesting to hear the statistics of Luxembourg for example. Inclusion of the fathers was good.  I have already recommended it to friends. Thank so much, really supported us.

— Cristina T., first time mum

Yes it was useful. I like all the themes post birth as we don't have many information on that period. Mainly the link between statistics and what we do to solve it, For sure recommend it, 4/5.

Felipe C., first time dad

About Birthlight Pregnancy Yoga

“The pregnancy yoga class is personalised, a lot of fun and really helps to stay flexible and relaxed at the end of your pregnancy... Christina really supports you throughout the classes and makes you feel at home."
— Cristina W., first time mum  

“Christina is a gentle, calm and a very professional instructor. Having practiced prenatal yoga with Christina for a while now, I truly leave the class feeling energised, centered and extremely relaxed. Through her guidance, I have learned how to feel more relaxed, breathe through each movement and gain a lot of confidence going into my last weeks of pregnancy. A true believer of her own work" 
— Shobia A., first time mum 

About Birthlight Baby Yoga 

“It's been a while I didn't do some sports after 3 pregnancies. Baby Yoga with Christina let me have a good & relaxing time with my baby and with other mums. We're lucky to have such new activity for Mums and Babies in Luxembourg!"  
— Virginie C., Birthlight Baby Yoga 3-9 mths

"The Baby Yoga with Christina is a mix of postpartum and baby gymnastics, relaxation and a lot of fun. My baby and I enjoyed the classes a lot! It is also nice to meet other mums and babies. Christina is very qualified and takes time to show every movement so that babies can enjoy the "flights" in a safe way. Definitely recommend it!!!"

— Katjia , Birthlight Baby Yoga 3-9 mths

"I would highly recommend Baby Yoga with Happy New Mama! My baby enjoys a lot the sessions. It is very nice to spend time with your LO while having fun, taking care of yourself and learning new things! I am sure all mamas and papas will enjoy a lot the sessions with Christina."

— Mireia D., Birthlight Baby Yoga 3-9 mths & 9-18 mths

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