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Herbal Thai massage uses herbal heat compresses and is an ancient traditional therapy that was used by herbal healers and midwives. The herbal compress contains various healing herbs and is steamed to release their healing qualities. This massage is known for:

  • Reduce swelling & drain waste

  • Help mother recover after pregnancy

  • Relief of stress and relaxation

  • Relief of aching muscles which are burdened by breastfeeding and carrying the baby


Ayurvedic massage combines the 5,000-year-old Indian principles of Ayurveda—the science of life—and pressure points. This type of massage is designed to create balance among the mind, body, and spirit, and help the body heal itself. It incorporates warm herb essential oils, as well as time-honored and non-traditional strokes and kneading that suit an individual’s needs.

  • Strengthens immune system 

  • Nourishes the body tissues

  • Benefits sleep patterns 

  • Softens & soothes the skin

  • Increases blood & lymphatic circulation (if swollen limbs or cold hands and feet)

  • Reduces stress levels

  • Relieves pain and physical stress

  • Cleanses & revitalizes the body

  • Lubricates the joints

  • Stimulates the internal organs

 Both are offered as part of   the Doula Packages 
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